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Guide to Battle Camp Events


The Arena rules change during the Arena Event. Normal yellow energy is used instead blue. Also, battles will give you trophies and Valor Medals instead of Runes.

When the event starts, if you don't already have a defence team, talk to Harmony in the Arena to donate one. Your defence team represents you against other players. You'll receive trophies for successful defences two times per day.

You receive trophies and Valor Medals whether you win or lose, but you get more for winning. Once you defeat a team it is replaced by another random opponent.

As you battle, you gather Valor Medals. Donate these with your troop to the Warrior King to unlock raids where you can earn the bulk of your trophies.

There are also unique monsters available in the Event Grab (50 gold per grab) that do bonus damage to the Warrior King.


Battle Royale is a special event that functions similar to Troop Wars, in that admins select match times (00:00 GMT, 04:00 GMT, 08:00 GMT, 12:00 GMT, 16:00 GMT and 20:00 GMT) and then two troops battle head-to-head to earn trophies and win matches.

The difference is that you don't battle each others troop pets or flags. Instead, troop members temporarily donate defence teams of their own monsters in Troop Hall before the match which you then battle for trophies. If you don't donate a defence team, a team of commons is put in your place. Similarly, if your troop has under 25 members, common troops are used to fill the blank spots.

At match time, your defence teams will represent your troop. They will battle the opposing troop members on their own, while you fight their defence teams.

When you enter the Battle Royale, you will be given a choice between five opposing defence teams to battle. You can select one of them or choose to refresh the list if they all look too difficult. You get one free refresh per match, but you can use gold (10 gold) to get additional refreshes.

Every time you participate in a battle, you earn trophies, but you get more trophies for winning than losing. Your defence teams also earn you trophies when they win.

At the end of the match, the troop with the most trophies is the victor and their Troop Trophies for that match are tripled. Losing a match nets you a 30% reduction in Troop Trophies earned.

There are also unique monsters available in the Event Grab (50 gold per grab) that give bonus trophies against either Attack or Defence teams.


The base reward per energy on the top rewarding opponent is 3,000 trophies. To calculate the total trophies gained using Battle Royale Event Mobs just add the below trophy bonuses to the base reward.

e.g. a team of 3 evolved supers, 1 unevolved ultra and 1 non-Battle Royale event mob would be:
3,000 (base) + 3,600 (first Punch-o-Matic) + 3,600 (second Punch-o-Matic) + 3,600 (third Punch-o-Matic) + 3,000 (Mightsprite) = 16,800 trophies per energy.

Event MobRarityBonusTrophy Bonus
DynoflightRare+20%+600 trophies
DynomightRare+40%+1,200 trophies
Grind-o-MaticSuper+50%+1,500 trophies
Punch-o-MaticSuper+120%+3,600 trophies
MightspriteUltra+100%+3,000 trophies
MechspriteUltra+200%+6,000 trophies
SiegebeastEpic+150%+4,500 trophies
SiegedragonEpic+300%+9,000 trophies
Base trophies per energy: 3,000


If you have 1,000 gold to burn on Battle Royale what's the best way to spend it?

STRATEGY 1 - Hit #1 opponent (33,000) and refresh: 33,000 trophies
STRATEGY 2 - Hit #1 opponent (33,000), hit again at lower trophy level (22,000) and refresh: 55,000 trophies
STRATEGY 3 - Hit #1 opponent (33,000), hit again at lower trophy level (22,000), hit #2 opponent (22,000) and refresh: 77,000 trophies

As a refresh costs 10 gold each the cost of Strategy 1 is 30 gold, Strategy 2 is 50 gold, and strategy 3 is 70 gold so using your 1,000 gold will give you the following trophies:

STRATEGY 1: (1,000/30) x 33,000 = 1,100,000 trophies
STRATEGY 2: (1,000/50) x 55,000 = 1,100,000 trophies
STRATEGY 3: (1,000/70) x 77,000 = 1,100,000 trophies

Which ever spending strategy you take, you'll end up with the same number of trophies. However Strategy 3 is a lot faster as you'll spend less time refreshing and also (if you're against tougher opponents) you may get an easier battle.

Of course if gold isn't an issue then refreshing after every hit (Strategy 1) is the only option for you.


Celestial Towers is a regular Battle Camp event which takes place every 3-4 weeks. Players need to fight their way up through the ten floors of two different towers in order to earn Sun and Moon Emblems which can then be used to engage the main raid boss - the Tower Warden.

At the start of the event, all players start on Floor 1 of each tower - Sun Tower and Moon Tower. Floors 1-9 consists of two stages of monsters to defeat with Floor 10 containing ten stages. After you have completed a floor, the next floor will unlock which enables you to earn a greater number of Emblems (see tables below). The difficulty rises with each floor you climb.

There are also unique monsters available in the Event Grab (50 gold per grab) that do bonus damage to the Tower Warden.

Floor Moon Tower Sun Tower Stages Energy Stones* Trophies Emblems Trophies
per Energy
per Energy
1 RockRock WindWind 2 3 50 10 1 3.33 0.33
2 FireFire RockRock 2 3 100 20 2 6.67 0.67
3 WaterWater FireFire 2 3 150 30 3 10.00 1.00
4 LeafLeaf LeafLeaf 2 3 200 40 4 13.33 1.33
5 WaterWater WaterWater 2 3 250 50 5 16.67 1.67
6 RockRock FireFire 2 5 300 75 6 15.00 1.20
7 LeafLeaf WindWind 2 5 350 100 8 20.00 1.60
8 WaterWater WaterWater 2 5 400 150 10 30.00 2.00
9 FireFire WindWind 2 5 450 225 15 45.00 3.00
10 ALL ALL 10 5 500 350 30 70.00 6.00


  • Floors 8, 9 and 10 are the most lucrative floors for collecting Sun/Moon Emblems. If you struggle to beat Floor 8 then you are better off farming on Floor 5 only as the Emblems gained per energy used is higher here than on Floor 7.
  • On the harder Floors, ensure your attack actives are turned off so that they do not fire automatically. Use the first stage to power up the actives before moving to the main boss.
  • Floor 10 is made up of a combination of all the bosses from the previous floors. There are no easy stages where you're able to get some of your health back or charge actives so only attempt this floor if you have a healer and can beat Floor 9 easily.


Dominion is another troop based event similar to Troop Wars. Admins select match times (00:00 GMT, 04:00 GMT, 08:00 GMT, 12:00 GMT, 16:00 GMT and 20:00 GMT) and then two troops battle head-to-head to earn points to win matches. At match time, head to the Dominion camp to find five elemental towers. Your goal is to capture and hold each tower for the duration of the match.

To start with, each tower is neutral, not belonging to either troop. To claim it, each troop races to reach a damage threshold determined by the highest PR player in either troop. So, for example, if the damage threshold were 100,000, the first troop to deal that much damage or more claims the tower.

Once you claim a tower, any additional damage you do to it increases the threshold for the other troop to claim it. So if Troop 1 claims that previous tower and then does an additional 20000 damage to it, Troop 2 needs to do more than 120,000 damage to claim it. Additionally, you can donate specials to each tower to put up a shield that reduces the damage of the opposing troop by 25%, making it even harder for them to claim a tower.

You earn individual trophies with every attack on any tower, whether you own it or not. And if your troop holds three or more towers, then your individual trophies for each attack are doubled whilst you have control of the towers.

However, unlike Troop Wars and Battle Royale, trophies don’t determine which troop wins a match. Your troop needs to win more POINTS than your opponents to claim victory. You earn points by holding towers. Points are accrued automatically over time and each tower you own increases the number of points you get. You can see your points and those of your opponent troop by tapping Sgt. Lovejoy.

Winning a match doubles your troop trophies (but not individual trophies) won during that match. Losing a match nets you a 30% reduction in Troop Trophies earned.

There are also unique monsters available in the Event or Lucky Grabs (50 gold per grab) that give bonus attack damage against the relative tower (e.g. water event mob will gain bonus on fire tower).


Dominion mobs are available in all elements with bonus attack damage given on opposing towers (e.g. fire mobs will gain bonus on leaf tower).

RarityDamage Bonus
Rare+250% attack
Evolved Rare+600% attack
Super+500% attack
Evolved Super+1,100% attack
Ultra+900% attack
Evolved Ultra+2,100% attack
Epic+1,200% attack
Evolved Epic+2,700% attack

The bonus gets added to the normal damage so for a maxed PE ultra (base attack 1,288) the +2,100% bonus (27,048) gets added on top giving a total attack of 28,336.

IMPORTANT: It's very important to note the event mob bonus only effects the BASE attack... the +2,100 bonus on a PE ultra wouldn't include that gained via equipment, element boosters, zodiac, season or passive (which all only effect the base attack as well).


The Tournament of Champions is the All-Star Game of Battle Camp. When announced the top troops from the previous event are automatically signed up for a short individual event to earn more prizes.

To enter the Tournament of Champions, your troop must have placed in the top 100 of the previous event and you must have four saved teams. If you meet these conditions you're signed up for all matches and must battle other players' teams to earn trophies, similar to Battle Royale.

The difference, though, is you won't see other players' monsters in the event room but other players themselves. And when you tap to battle one of them, your attack team is chosen randomly from the four teams you have saved. Similarly, your defence team is chosen randomly each time another player chooses to battle you.

The Tournament of Champions has no troop leaderboard. It's an individual event only.

Note: There are no event monsters for Tournament of Champions.


When the Troop War event is announced, troop admins select from the schedules war times (00:00 GMT, 04:00 GMT, 08:00 GMT, 12:00 GMT, 16:00 GMT and 20:00 GMT) and are then auto-matched with an opposing Troop. The troop you are matched against is determined by your troop ranking on the event leaderboard - you will battle the closest troop to you who has signed up for the upcoming war (ie. the troop ranked #1 will battle the troop ranked #2, #3 will battle against #4, #5 vs. #6, etc.).

During wars, troops earn trophies by attacking the opposing team's Troop Pet. The more damage you do, the more trophies you get. When the Troop Pet is defeated, the flag becomes vulnerable. Attacking the flag earns double the trophies.

Each war lasts one hour and the Troop with the most trophies wins. Winning a war doubles your troop trophies, while losing gets you a 30% reduction in troop trophies (not individual).

There are also unique monsters available in the Event Grab (50 gold per grab) that do bonus damage to Troop Pets only (not the flag).