Why Battle Camp players should start playing Puzzle and Dragons ?

If Battle Camp (BC) feels repetitive, unfair or a pay-to-win game to you, you and your friends should definitely try Puzzle and Dragons (PAD) :
  • Similar but way more better gameplay.
  • More strategies, more complex and very tactical.
  • Fairer company and more popular game.
  • Older game with innovative concepts. BC is just a pale copy.
  • More rewarding game.
  • More skills needed and less spending (money or time).
  • Outstanding multiplayer coop mode (2-3 players) where you share the same board and see friends playing. Lots of fun !
Hi guys ! I am CobraTV from EUROTROOPERS and I am a retired BC player (former top 100 PR and lucky 500 tier few years ago).

I played BC since the beginning. I really had great moments in my troops where I met lovely friends. Unfortunately, the game is too repetitive, the company is greedy and the developers did not released anything new in terms of gameplay since 2014. As a result, 90% of players that I know are retired. It is too bad because, after so many years, the only thing that keeps you playing BC is friends.

I have just discovered Puzzle and Dragons (PAD) few weeks ago and I have to admit that it is a way more better game than BC in terms of gameplay! The coop mode of PAD is really incredible and I am writing this article because I would love to see the BC community playing it.

I would like to convince you in 5 minutes why BC players should start playing Puzzle and Dragons. A big thanks to my friend of battlecampmanual for letting me publishing this article.

There are lots of cool things to see in these two simple pictures. They give you an insight on how various Puzzle and Dragons is.

  1. Junk and enhanced (+) gems, 6th monster, bi-element monsters and a rainbow team.
  2. Active like BC (skill), leader skill applied to all your team, race (e.g. devil) and role (e.g. healer), many individual passives (represented by icons on the right).
    Such a leader skill (4.5x when attacking with 5 colors) enforces rainbow teams.

Simple facts why Puzzle and Dragons is a better game than Battle Camp

Lack of vision for the long-term

  1. Pennypop has not released anything new in terms of gameplay since 2014 : they are only 2 or 3 winning strategies. They just keep releasing new monsters with OP stats (mostly attack).

    PAD has evolved during its creation. The number of skills (actives and passives) is constantly increasing. The metagame (including best strategies) changes from time to time.

  2. Pennypop became a greedy company. They want you to spend a lot in the short-term. They have a poor vision for the long-term and they do not seem to care for old players.

    The company (Gungho) that developed PAD is really fairer with its users. More free gifts, rewards and more little spendings in the long-term.
    As a result, PAD is a really more popular game: Top 5 highest revenue in all-time for a mobile game. Sources here: 1 2 and 3

Gameplay : limited and repetitive

  1. You always have a team of 5 monsters in BC and there is no variation of the 6x5 board.

    In PAD, in addition of your team of 5 monsters, you have to select at each battle a 6th monster (called a helper) from a list of players including friends. The choice of helper may be crucial to optimize your strategy to clear the dungeon. There are dungeons where bosses will put obstacles in your board (e.g. jammer, poison and locked gems). You may also encounter 7x6 and 4x3 boards in some situations or you may be able to use a team of 3 or 4 mobs in some dungeons. Tons of variations !

  2. There are currently 64 actives and 50 passives in BC. Most of them are either outdated (just a blind copy from PAD) or badly designed. Only few released actives are vastly used by the community: snipe (bane), e-swap and swap. The purpose of passives is just to increase base stats (attack, recovery or hp) of the current monster.

    In PAD, there are thousands of actives and passives: leader skills (that apply to all your team), active skills and awoken skills (different passives). It can be for example: boost attack for clearing multiple gems, different swaps, play on a 7x6 board, boost HP for only dragons, inflict damage and ignore defense, delay enemy actives for many turns, clear 4 gems to double attack, make a cross of healing gems for increasing recovery, make a row of light gems to activate a special ability, extend time to move gems and so on.

  3. Some "new actives" from early 2014 of BC have been poorly designed. It turned the game into something limited to OP actives. The most pertinent example is the really small cooldown for snipe.

    Actives in PAD have longer cooldowns (e.g. 10, 20 or 30 turns). It means that they are just considered as a bonus. There are no OP actives that you can spam and players are not encouraged to build their team based on only actives.

  4. There are currently around 1450 monsters in BC. Released monsters over the past few years have always the same actives and passives (or non-relevant variations).

    In PAD, there are currently over 3750 monsters with multiple actives and passives. Some combinations of actives are even unique to some monsters.

  5. The team composition in BC is limited to a mono-element team with either 3 snipe (bane) and swap/e-swap mobs; or full snipe (bane) actives.

    In PAD, teams are way more diversified: mono-element, bi-elements, rainbow, grouped by races (e.g. god, devil, dragon, etc.), grouped by role (e.g. attacker, healer, balanced, etc.) and so on.

  6. The gameplay of BC can be summed-up to do the maximum of damage in one minute. It may yield to weird and limited strategies: doing only crappy 3 gems as fast as possible to activate a maximum of actives.
    In addition, since BC is poorly programmed, you can buy an Android device to go faster (less active animations) and make more damage.

    Such strategies are not really skillful. In PAD, battles are turn-based. A dungeon ends whether you succeed or you fail it.
    As a result, combos and gem matching are the most important things. You cannot make crapped turns to play faster. There are no unfair advantages by using an Android device over iOS users.

Performance of players too much based on spending

  1. In BC, your performance is measured on how much you can spend: maximizing the number of 10 energy hits.

    In PAD, it is evaluated on whether you are able to clear a dungeon or not. It is not question of how much you spend !

  2. BC is based on a team capitalization and spending. There is no way for new players with modest teams to be competitive in events unless they spend thousands .

    PAD system is really generous. They constantly give you reward mobs and magical stones (equivalent of gold) when you clear dungeons. This way, even non-spenders can rapidly evolve if they adopt the right strategies and have enough skills. Competition in PAD is not about who spends the most with the best team. It is just about being able to clear the most difficult waves in dungeons.

  3. In most events, the only way to be competitive in BC is to spin event mobs that give you a sick bonus. That is the definition of a pay-to-win game.

    No such a thing exists in PAD. It may be called cheating.

  4. In BC, damage is proportional to your team attack. Most of the time, a player with a good team and poor skills will do more damage than a player with a poor team and good skills.

    In PAD, even with the best team of the world, your damage will be really poor if you have no skills. Making lots of combos to obtain insane multipliers is the most important thing in the game. As a result, you can make insane damages to kill bosses even with a poor team. That is an easy way to compare the skills of two players with different teams.

  5. In BC, you can rapidly have a top team in few months if you spend a fortune regardless of your skills.

    In PAD, OP monsters have a certain cost and the cost capacity of your team increases proportionally with your level. It means that if you are a new rich player and if you spin a lot, you cannot incorporate these monsters in your team. You have to win more levels with your own skills to increase the cost capacity of your team.

  6. Evolutions of monsters in BC are linear. Since they require the same monsters, it is just a question about spending. The company ruined efforts in the game the day you were able to spend for crystals.

    In PAD, evolutions of monsters are more complex. For many monsters, you can choose a different branch of evolution (with different actives and passives), meaning that they will result in different sevos (or third evos !). You do not need the same monsters to make an evolution. You just need to farm materials and rewards (that could be difficult) from certain dungeons.


This is it guys. There are tons of other points that could be said (e.g. more features, levels, free energies and rewards in PAD). But I wanted the article to be relatively short.

These things said, my article is not only BC bashing. There are few points where BC is better than PAD: better graphics (released one year later), worlds, story line and social things via troop. As I have said, I really enjoyed BC for many years.
Nobody can claim than Puzzle and Dragons is a better game. It is really subjective. However, PAD has definitely a far better gameplay (various, complex and tactical) than BC.

If BC and PAD had worked together, it could have been the ultimate game. I just do not like how BC turned into: performance measured on spending (money or time to spend/accumulate energies) and the gameplay did not evolve since 2014.

My objective is not to make you quit BC lol. It is to invite you and your friends to play a more interesting and complex game where skills are the real deal and not only money (or savings, or time spent on alternate accounts or whatever).

Multiplayer coop mode in Puzzle and Dragons is outstanding and really fun. If you are fan of this game and able to grow rapidly, I will be happy to do a 2-3 players coop game with you on the EU server (there are only NA, JP and EU servers).
Just write me on facebook here. My dream would be to have a FB chat with members of BC dedicated to play Puzzle and Dragons.


PS: if Puzzle and Dragons is not available in your country, you can try to find tutorials on google to either change location of app store on iOS or download APK on Android.
Be careful, there are 3 separate servers: EU, NA and JP. Make sure that you and your friends are on the same server.